Rapper Sent To Bellevue After Climbing Times Square Lightpole & Promoting CD

A Brooklyn rapper known as C.I. Joe was arrested in Times Square yesterday (June 28th), after he climbed atop a 25-foot light pole and began rapping.

C.I. Joe, born Raymond Velasquez, 34, climbed on top of the pole at 44th St. and 7th Avenue during the morning rush.

According to reports, the rapper had just been thrown out of MTV's nearby headquarters, while trying to promote his latest mixed CD.

C.I. Joe climbed on top of the pole, threw copies of his demo CD to the crowd and rapped to curious onlookers, who thought that incident was a staged stunt.

It wasn't until police arrived with yellow airbags that onlookers realized that the rapper's life was in danger.

Police finally coaxed C.I. Joe down from the light pole and sent him to Bellevue Mental Hospital in an ambulance, where he underwent a psychiatric evaluation.

Charges against the rapper are pending.