Rhymefest Released From Hospital, Says He Has 'New Lease on Life'

Chicago rapper Rhymefest was recently released from the hospital, after unexpectedly being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

The rapper was rushed to the hospital over the weekend, after falling ill.

When he arrived at the hospital doctors diagnosed him as a diabetic.

"I'm back y'all, thanks 4the prayers and well wishers," Rhymefest tweeted today (June 6th). "I got released from the hospital over the weekend. Diabetes is manageable so I'm good."

According to Rhymefest, the health scare has left him  more educated about his diet, nutrition and eating habits.

"Got a new diet, work out plan and lease on life. Gotta get off this insulin," the rapper said.

Rhymefest compared his ordeal to that of A Tribe Called Quest's group member Phife, who received a kidney transplant in October of 2008.

The rapper, who immediately hit the gym for a new workout regiment, said he had no idea how much stress his body had been put through over the past year, which saw him run for Alderman of Southside Chicago's 20th Ward.

"Now that my sugar is down I feel much better I was operating on overdrive for years and had no idea," Rhymefest said.