Controversial Sean Bell Case Goes To Grand Jury

 Two months after a fatal police shooting took the life of groom-to-be Sean Bell, a grand jury is preparing to hear evidence in the case.

Queens prosecutors are set to bring evidence from the police shooting before a grand jury at the Kew Gardens courthouse today (January 22). Bell was killed in the early hours of November 25 as he and two friends left the Kahlua Cabaret in Jamaica, Queens, where they'd celebrated his bachelor party.

Officers fired 50 shots at the three men, reportedly out of fear that they were reaching for weapons. All three were unarmed and Bell's friends, who were both wounded in the shooting, say the officers did not identify themselves as police. The four detectives and one officer present that night have been on paid leave since the incident occurred.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown has received complaints from the victim's family and supporters over the delay in bringing the case to court, however his primary concern has been conducting a thorough investigation. After interviewing more than 40 witnesses, Brown is now prepared to present evidence to a grand jury.

Stay tuned for more on this case as it develops.

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