Kanye's New Scarves Hit Stores Today

Kanye West's new line of upscale scarves landed in stores (May 9th), in partnership with Paris-based design house, M/M (Paris).

The rapper/producer created five different limited editions of the scarves, which are all based on the cover of his hit album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which was designed by artist George Condo.

Kanye only designed 100 of each of the five scarves, which are named: the "Power," the "Phoenix," the "Face," the "Ballerina" and the "Priest."

The images are printed on silk ties, set in gold lettering.

"During the creative process, M/M (Paris) created a series of hand drawn ornamented frames to adorn the Condo paintings," M/M said in a statement. "The design team decided to use the most striking combinations of the paintings and the frames, and transform them into silk scarves."

Kanye West's scarves will only be sold at French boutique Colette and through M/M (Paris) 's official website, at a cost of $364 dollars.