Jay-Z Could End Up In Court Over 'Big Pimpin' Sample

Rapper Jay-Z could end up in court over a new lawsuit that claims the rap mogul illegally used a sample in his hit 2000 song "Big Pimpin."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jay-Z is being sued by the family of Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi, who wrote the song "Khosara, Khosara" for a 1957 Egyptian film named Fata Ahlami.

Hamdi's children are suing EMI, MTV, Paramount Pictures, UMG and Warner Music over the track.

Although Jay-Z's team obtained a license to use the song under United States copyright law, the lawsuit claims he didn't have the proper rights to loop and rap over the sample.

The lawsuit claims that although Jay-Z obtained a license to use the sample, he didn't have the rights to loop the sample and rap over it under Egyptian copyright laws.

Jay- also failed to get permission from all of Hamdi's children, who each own an interest in the composition.

The lawsuit was originally filed in 2005 and was dismissed in 2007, because all of the owners of the rights to the song were not listed in the original court filing.

Big Pimpin' was featured on Jay-Z's hit album, Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter., which has sold millions of copies.

Hamdi's children are seeking an unspecified amount in damages.