Failed Rick Ross/Erykah Badu Concert Results In $50K Lawsuit

A failed concert that was supposed to feature rapper Rick Ross and R&B singer Erykah Badu during the Soul Train Music Awards has turned into a lawsuit.

While neither Rick Ross or Erykah Badu are named in the lawsuit, a concert that was supposed to feature the artists is what triggered the lawsuit.

Michael-Bryant Hicks and Eve Runyon filed the lawsuit against Tracey Pennywell and Penny in the Well Productions on April 26th.

The lawsuit was filed in The Superior Court of Fulton County for the State of Georgia.

According to Hicks and Runyon's lawsuit, Pennywell said she had entered into an agreement with the SoulTrain Productions to produce and promote a concert during the Soul Train Music Awards in November of 2010.

The lawsuit claims that Pennywell persuaded Hicks and company to invest $50,000 for the production of the concert.

Not long after signing a deal and receiving the funds, Pennywell and her company allegedly started abusing the investment on personal expenditures, nearly exhausting the finances.

The concert, which was supposed to feature Rick Ross and Erykah Badu, was to take place at the Atlanta Civic Center.

At the last minute, Pennywell changed the venue from the Atlantic Civic Center to Opera.

When Hicks and Runyon hit Opera to see how the event was going, they found out the artists were not performing and keeping their deposits.

When managers at Opera found out there would be no performances, they kicked Pennywell and her assistants out of the club.

SoulTrain ended up having to refund the cost of fans' tickets.

Hicks and Runyon seek to recover their initial investment of $50,000 a damages.