Styles P. Opens Juice Bar In The Bronx

Rapper Styles P. has teamed with three business associates to open a new juice bar in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx.

According to The Bronx Times, the rapper recently opened Juices for Life last month, along with partners Leo Galvez and Nyger Rollocks.

The three decided to open Juices for Life after bonding over juice drinks at another juice bar Rollocks owns in Harlem.

Juices for Life has exercise equipment inside of Juices for Life, which also has a bar where patrons can sit, as long as they are drinking a juice.

“I was eating a lot of fast food, but Rollocks got me eating right,” Styles P. told The Bronx Times. “Our first goal is to get everyone a little more health conscious.”

If things go well, the three partners are planning on creating a Juices for Life franchise.