Dr. Dre To Be Featured In Major Ad Campaign For Chrysler 300 Sedan

Hip-Hop producer/record label executive Dr. Dre has been tapped to star in a new advertising campaign promoting Chrysler's latest automobile.

Dr. Dre will star in his own commercial promoting the Chrysler 300 sedan, which is reinventing itself as an affordable, luxury car.

Also featured in the ad campaign is Detroit Lions' football star Ndamukong Suh and high-fashion designer John Varvatos.

"This will be a breakthrough in terms of how you speak about luxury (in) this country," Olivier Francois, CEO of the Chrysler brand told The USA Today. "It doesn't speak about luxury in terms of just aesthetic, but about luxury in terms (of) the spirit."

According to the USA Today, an announcement and advertisements for the redesigned Chrysler 300 will be made at the New York International Autoshow today (April 20th).

The spots are slated to start running in May.

The news of Dre's involvement with Chrysler comes on the heels of the autogiant's successful, two-minute Superbowl XLV advertisement featuring Eminem.

"This is a departure from traditional advertising," Francois says. "I want to be at least as visible as my competitors – (even) without having the same resources.