50 Cent The Victim Of Multi-State Credit Card Scams

Rapper 50 Cent has been the victim of thieves who continuously target the wealthy rapper's credit cards for scams around the country.

The New York Daily News reports that 50 Cent's American Express card has been used multiple times to make unauthorized purchases in five cities, including Farmington, Connecticut, where the rapper resides in a huge, luxurious 52 room mansion.

One man called and attempted to purchase Sony flat-screen televisions, but the store manager became suspicious due to the delivery address for the order.

Amex reps eventually contacted the electronics store and revealed that while 50's actual card had not been stolen, the numbers used to attempt to purchase the TV's belonged to 50's account.

When two men came to pick up the TV's, police promptly arrested them, although they are not the main suspects in the overall scheme to rob 50 Cent of his money.

Lawyers for the men charged in the case could not comment on the case, but police sources told the Daily News that the culprit was most likely someone who has access to 50 Cent's personal information.

In December of 2010, two men were arrested for breaking into 50 Cent's mansion. One was found in a closet drinking wine, while the other was caught rooming another area of the house.

The two men claimed they didn't want anything when they broke into the house. Both were charged with breaking and entering, although one of the men was detained on an outstanding warrant for attempted murder, over a double shooting that injured two men in New Britain.