Photographer Sues Diddy, Bodyguards Over Beatdown In Atlanta

Sean "Diddy" Combs has been hit with a lawsuit by a man who claims the rapper/mogul's bodyguards beat him up.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Jabari Tilgham filed the lawsuit in DeKalb County Court on Friday (April 15th).

Defendants in the lawsuit are Sean Combs, his company Bad Boy Entertainment and four unidentified bodyguards.

Tilgham, 30, claims he was working as a photographer at Club Mansion after the BET Awards.

After the event, Diddy co-hosted a party at Club Mansion along with Rick Ross.

The lawsuit claims Tilgham was one of 12 photographers who were allowed inside of the club to take pictures.

For unknown reasons, Diddy's bodyguards are accused of singling out Tilgham and beating him, an account of which has been confirmed by a security guard working for Club Mansion.