Fake Promoters Swindle PA Theater Out of Drake Concert

A Theater in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania has been forced to cancel two sold-out shows, after realizing they had been swindled by phony promoters.

Employees at the Sherman Theater announced they had booked Drake in the 1,800 seat theater for a show in May.

The first one sold out so fast, that they immediately re-booked the rapper for a second date.

But now, both dates in May have been canceled, after theater managers discovered the Virginia Beach, VA booking agent they were working with had no connections to Drake's management or tour.

The scammers hosted conference calls and at one point the crooks represented themselves as Drake's managers and even Drake himself.

"Unfortunately, this show was indeed a false booking by outside parties who misrepresented Drake and his management," Drake's publicist Sarah Cunningham said in a statement.

"The Sherman Theater acted responsibly in canceling the show and we are thankful for their swift action and attention to the matter," Cunningham

Drake himself addressed the issue, after multiple promoters were scammed multiple times, by fake booking agents representing the rapper in 2010.

“It has been brought to my attention that false promoters and booking agents are illegally using my name and likeness to promote concerts and club appearances for their own financial gain,” Drake told AHH in a statement in February of 2010.

“It is frustrating for me to hear that many of my fans, who like myself are innocent victims in these scams, have been misled due to the greed of these promoters,” Drake stated. “I apologize to any fan that has been a victim of these circumstances or feels let down by false advertising.”

Fans are being offered full refunds for both shows, which cost up to $52 dollars, per-ticket.