The Game Aware Cops Tailed Him During Alleged Police Impersonation

ImageL.A. rapper The Game is already prepared with a game plan if tried for officer-impersonation charges levied earlier this year in New York.

The Game (whose real name is Jayceon Taylor) was arrested on November 16 on charges that he pretended to be a police officer after hailing a cab and flashing a fake badge to his driver. New York City prosecutors say Taylor told the driver he was an undercover officer and encouraged him to run several red stoplights on Lexington Avenue before being pulled over.

However, according to reports from the New York Post, The Game says he is well acquainted with NYC "hip-hop cops" and would never commit such a brazen act as police impersonation when he was already aware they were following him.

"He knew they were following him, because they'd been on his butt all night," Game's attorney Jeffrey Lichtman told the Post, in reference to the MC-watching cops. "He sees them all the time, and he's very polite to them. He and his guys give them cigars all the time. When they're in the same restaurant together, they send over food."

The Game released a statement in November declaring his innocence and citing the incident as "a ploy by the hip-hop police to humiliate" him.

The Game's arrest came just days after the November 14th release of his second album Doctor's Advocate.

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