Game Gives An Update On His Beef With Ras Kass

The nearly five-year-old feud between West Coast emcees Game and Ras Kass apparently won’t be ending anytime soon.

Although both Game and Ras Kass’ humorous take on the matter may make this one of the more entertaining beefs in recent Hip Hop history.

“I’ll beat you up and give you props at the same time,” Game joked during an interview with Power 106’s syndicated radio personality Big Boy. “He was one of the more underrated artists on the West Coast. He just never got his break.”

The pair has been engaged in on and off fighting since reportedly exchanging punches at a club in 2006. Accounts vary, with each rapper claiming to get the upper hand. The feud was revisited months ago, as the calendar turned to 2011. During that encounter Ras Kass told XXL magazine Game punched him and ran behind a pool table. Ras Kass added that 40 Glocc had pictures to prove his side of the story was the true version. As with any fight, Game had a decidedly different take on what happened during their New Year’s Eve scuffle.

“I gave him like 18 chances and said, ‘I don’t want no problems,’” Game added. “Then as I was walking away he said, ‘You know what? I got a problem!’” Game said the standoff led to another brawl, which he won. “I timed it just as the ball dropped so nobody heard it. It was like 5-4-3-2-1…pow…then security drug him out like, ‘We got him, Game.’”