Wiz Khalifa Fans Flood Danny Bonaduce's Twitter Page Over Song Lyrics

Rapper Wiz Khalifa recently sat down with Danny Bonaduce and explained the track "GangBang," which name checks the popular radio show host.

Danny Bonaduce, who broadcasts from Philadelphia's  94 WYSP each morning, hosted Wiz in the studio last week.

The two hit it off, discussing everything from marijuana to Danny Bonaduce's Twitter account, which has been flooded with messages from Wiz Khalifa's fans.

"If you go to Twitter account, it says 'I'm Danny Bonaduce' b**ch," Bonaduce told Wiz Khalifa during the interview. "The song had everyone going crazy on my Twitter."

Danny Bonaduce is legendary for his former drug usage and tirades over the years.

He's so famous for his antics, that he will be one of the actors featured in an up coming BIO special on Charlie Sheen titled "Bad Boy on the Edge."

But for Wiz, meeting Danny Bonaduce was nothing but a pleasurable experience.

"You're not as mad of a dude as I thought you were, you are actually cool. They put that out there like that was just you man. It's cool though because when I think about raging and going crazy, I think about going in to your mode."

According to Danny Bonaduce, the term "going Danny Bonaduce" has become synonymous with going out of control.

The term has been used by Michael Strahan and "The Gilmore Girls" as well.