Prodigy Clarifies Jay-Z Illuminati Blog Comments, Writing Poetry

In his first post-prison interview, Prodigy clarifies some comments he made about Jay-Z and says that he's been writing poetry.

Before shook ones knew them as Mobb Deep, Queensbridge's Havoc and Prodigy used to go by the name the Poetical Prophets. Now, in his first interview since his release from prison, it looks like Prodigy has taken his group's former name to heart. P sat down with The Source and explained how he spent a good portion of his time writing poetry.

"I tried my hand with some poetry," said P. "Just different writing-type stuff, sending stuff home to my wife to see how she likes it because she likes a lot of poetry, so I tried my hand at that a little bit.

Prodigy also explained some of his ill feelings towards former adversary Jay-Z. Although P has said that Hov "sided with evil," he doesn't believe that Jay is a member of the Illuminati. He clarified that his issues with the Roc Nation head honcho stem from some of his business decisions over the years.

"Some of that stuff people may have got twisted a little bit," he said. "I definitely don't think Jay-Z's in the Illuminati. I don't know how that got out there. I definitely said some things about his choices that were questionable to me. But as far as Jay-Z in the Illuminati...that's just speculation and I don't really deal with too much of that. But I was just going off of the things that I see that's happening in the industry as far as just the choices that people make."

The full interview can be seen below.