Brothers In UK's Biggest Fraud Case Partied to 50 Cent, Hip-Hop

The two billionaire brothers being investigated in Britain's biggest-ever fraud inquiry held lavish parties at their mansions and yachts, frequently partying the night away to Hip-Hop music, with hordes of models, as expensive champagne flowed freely.

Brothers Vincent and Robert Tchenguiz are being investigated for their role in the collapse of the Icelandic bank Kaupthing.

Investigators at Scotland Yard want to know how some investors were able to withdraw their money before Kaupthing's collapse, while others simply lost millions of dollars in the bank's fall.

The pair, who have built a worldwide investment portfolio worth about $6 billion dollars, were known to throw the hottest parties in St. Tropez on $14 million dollar yacht, in London, and other hot spots throughout Europe.

"I liked Victor; he was charming," one guest told the U.K.'s Daily Mail. "That night I also remember Vincent dancing to the song Candy Shop, by the rapper 50 Cent. That was his favourite song."

"The following day, while we were having lunch in St Tropez, Tommy Hilfiger, the designer, came up to Vincent and commented on the fact that he was always surrounded by beautiful girls," the woman continued. "Vincent replied, 'My millions would be worth nothing if I stayed on my boat on my own.' That response typified his attitude, really."

Despite facing serious charges, Vincent Tchenguiz hosted a party in Cannes just last week.

But Tchenguiz was absent from his own party, as he was jailed and forced to remain the UK, while the investigation is open.