Ja Rule Jail Term Pushed Back Until June

Rap star Ja Rule's prison sentence was delayed today (March 9th), so the rapper could finish his new album and settle up with the IRS.

The New York Post reports that Ja Rule appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court this morning, where a judge agreed to push the rapper's surrender date back another three months, until the Month of June.

"We want to finish the album, and there's also a tax issue," Ja Rule's lawyer Stacy Richman told the NY Post this morning. "Somebody, an accountant, had filed an incorrect form, and this is to correct what was done in the past."

Ja Rule pleaded guilty to a July 2007 gun possession charge and was sentenced to two-years in prison. While he is out, Ja Rule is working on a new reality show, in addition to finishing his long-awaited album, Renaissance Project.

"My reality show, I like it because it's showing a strong black family going through a tough time," Ja Rule said. "And how we band together as a family and how my wife and kids, my moms and her moms, bond together during this tough time when I have to go in."

Ja Rule, born Jeffery Atkins, will now surrender to police to start the prison bid on June 8th.