Lupe Fiasco Chides Critics Of Lasers

Lupe Fiasco's highly anticipated album Lasers has leaked to the internet and has been met with mixed reviews.

The Chicago-bred rapper took to Twitter to comment on the response that the album has gotten. Below is a summary of his comments.

"I never thought lasers would inspire so much negativity. Reading the comments and reactions is crushing. To all the Lupe fans who protested and petitioned you did a GREAT thing. Don’t let people be little what u achieved. You forced a massive corporation to bow to the whim of the people. That's a glorious thing. Love always shines every time remember 2 smile has always been a 'note2self' the product of trying to figure a reason to keep going. This morning I buried my brother under a perfect sunshine. It’s a beautiful day today. Go out and be beautiful with it. The End. Peace."