Lawyer Says Jay-Z Wants "Too Much" To Settle 40/40 Beef With David Ortiz

Jay-Z and Boston Red Sox' star David Ortiz could head to court this month over the use of the rap star's 40/40 brand name.

Jay-Z took Ortiz to court for allegedly stealing the name of the 40/40 Club and using it for a similar business located in the Dominican Republic.

According to The New York Post, representatives were locked in negotiations for three-hours yesterday, but could not reach an agreement.

Judge Richard Berman said the legal eagles attempting to resolve the name dispute did not have "the authority to settle" the matter.

David Ortiz' manager Mark Walker said the amount Jay-Z wanted to settle the amount was "way too much."

According to reports, Jay-Z, who filed the lawsuit in April of 2010, is seeking $5 million for trademark infringement.

The pair also attempted to settle the dispute in June of 2010 without success.

Jay-Z's 40/40 Club recently struck a deal with Delaware North Companies to bring the 40/40 Club to over 20 airports across the United States.