Supreme Had Men Killed For Slapping Irv Gotti, Says Witness

 A former associate of druglord Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff testified in Brooklyn Federal Court yesterday (January 11) that he was hired by the defendant to kill two men for hitting Murder Inc. founder Irv Gotti.

McGriff is currently on trial for ordering a hit on Queens rapper E-Money Bags (born Eric Smith) and "Big Nose" Troy Singleton in 2001.

According to the New York Daily News, Emanuel "Dog" Mosley, who pleaded guilty to killing Smith and Singleton after being arraigned on murder charges last year, testified as a government witness, claiming that McGriff offered him a $50,000 contract to have Singleton and another man, Nathan "Green Eyed Born" May, murdered because they "had smacked up a friend of his in a studio and they had to be dealt with."

He identified Irving "Gotti" Lorenzo as the "friend."

Mosley testified that he assembled a hit team that stalked Singleton and May but then McGriff asked him to slay E-Money Bags, who they got to first on July 16, 2001.

A videotape showing E-Money Bags being secretly recorded minutes before his murder was shown to jurors on Wednesday (January 10).

Mosley then revealed that three months after killing E-Money Bags, they shot a man matching McGriff's description of Singleton at a sports bar in Jamaica, Queens.

"Did you care [if it was the right man]?" prosecutor Carolyn Pokorny asked.

"No," Mosley replied.

The victim was, in fact, Singleton. May managed to elude the hit team.

McGriff is believed by authorities to have started the notorious "Supreme Team," a powerful drug dealing crew that operated in NYC during the 1980's crack epidemic. He is also on trial for allegedly laundering over $1 million dollars through Irv Gotti's Murder Inc. imprint. If convicted, McGriff could possibly face the death penalty.

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