Crime Mob Blamed For Fatal Stabbing, Teen Gets 30 Years

 A Virginia teenager who claimed a song by Atlanta-based group Crime Mob fueled him to kill another teen was sentenced to 30 years in prison for second-degree murder yesterday (January 9).

According to The Richmond Times Dispatch, Marvin M. Parker fatally stabbed Baron P. Braswell II during a melee at a party last year on January 20. Authorities claimed the playing of the group's song "Knuck If You Buck" during an ongoing scuffle, revved up the crowd and lead to a bigger skirmish.

During the commotion, Braswell, who had been knocked down and stomped after brawling with another teen, crossed paths with Parker, who stabbed him in his chest and shoulder.

"The playing of 'Knuck If You Buck' combined with testosterone, teenage impulsiveness, a fight in progress and Parker's past criminal actions created a 'witches brew' that night," Charles C. Cosby Jr. , Parker's attorney, told Judge Ann Hunter Simpson of Spotsylvania County Circuit Court before his client's sentencing.

"The finger of guilt points to our society as well," Cosby added.

Prosecutor William F. Neely and Baron P. Braswell, Braswell's father, acknowledged that the song glorifies violence, but they said people are responsible for their own actions.

"We probably are too accepting of violence, but at the same time, who's in charge of the individual child?" Braswell told the Times Dispatch outside the court. " It's the family. The family's standard should be higher than society's."

Parker, who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in October , was initially sentenced to 40 years but Simpson suspended 10 years.

Five other teens were charged in Braswell's death; four were convicted of misdemeanor assault in juvenile court after the prosecutor determined they did not know Parker. A fifth was acquitted.

A representative for Crime Mob declined to comment when contacted.

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