Em's Selling Power Showcased; Brisk Reveals Details Of Shady Deal

Eminem's selling power for Chrysler is already being proven, as T-shirts the company has made for their Super Bowl commercial are out of stock.

Chrysler is selling "Imported From Detroit" T-Shirts based on the popularity of the high profile Super Bowl XLV ad for the new Chrysler 200, which featured Em.

All color ways in each size of the shirts completely sold out, shortly after going on sale.

Lipton's Brisk is tapping Eminem's commercial appeal, after their successful spot with Eminem that also ran during Super Bowl XLV.

According to a statement, Brisk and Eminem are planning a new "groundbreaking" program that will empower consumers to experience engaging content from emerging artists.

A rep for Brisk said the program will utilize nontraditional distribution methods, in addition to creating a new series of offline events to promote the emerging talent.

"The folks from Brisk offered Eminem a chance to write his own Super Bowl spot and the opportunity to enter into a unique marketing relationship with Shady Records. It was a great opportunity to do something creative and fun that we couldn't pass up. Who wouldn't want the chance to write their own Super Bowl spot?," said Eminem's manager Paul Rosenberg.