Apple Takes Bite Into Cell Phone Biz, Introduces iPhone

 Apple Computers has recently unveiled their latest addition to the wildly popular iPod device, the iPhone.

The technology giant unveiled the highly anticipated new phone yesterday (January 9). According to the company's website, the device allows users to make calls, listen to music and surf the web.

The new phone will come along with a host of new features including one of the most advanced web browsers available for a mobile device, with a version of the company's Safari program, as well as additional support and options for maps, searching capabilities and email use not previously available from cellular phones. The phone will also be compatible with both MAC's and PC's.

The iPhone, which is available in a 4 GB model for $499 or an 8 GB for $599, won't be available in the United States until June 2007. It comes to Europe in late 2007 and Asia in 2008.

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