Benzino & Dave Mays' Tabloid Goes National

 Source magazine founders Raymond "Benzino" Scott and Dave Mays' new publication, Hip Hop Weekly, has hit newsstands nationwide.

The new publication, which is being billed as "the first glossy weekly publication for the hip hop generation," is being currently being published bi-weekly and is available nationally at supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail outlets, including Pathmark, 7-Eleven & Rite-Aid.

Meanwhile the tabloid, which covers celebrity news, music, film, TV, fashion and sports from a hip-hop perspective, has been available in select test markets for the past two months at limited retailers. In June the magazine plans to publish weekly. HHW was originally set to be released in October.

In celebration of Weekly's new launch, Mays and Benzino threw a party at Home in New York City on Sunday (January 7), drawing a slew of celebrity supporters including Lil' Kim, Wendy Williams, Foxy Brown, Cormega, Nick Cannon and Bone Crusher, among others.

"The hip-hop generation has grown to almost 40 million strong in the US alone, yet our point of view is rarely represented by mainstream media." Benzino said via a statement. " It's a fast moving world so the Hip Hop Weekly format only fits the times. There's a need for a magazine that can keep up with the faster pace of news and information flow in the multimedia, internet-driven society that we are living in today."

Former Editor-In-Chief of The Source, Kim Osorio, won an $8 million judgment against Mays, Benzino and The Source this past October in Manhattan district court, for retaliation. Despite losing their case and being ousted from the magazine that they founded, both Mays and Benzino are enthusiastic about their new venture.

"Hip Hop Weekly is not just the first weekly to reflect the massive popularity of the stars of the hip-hop culture worldwide," said publisher Keith Curtin. "We are truly breaking ground as a new category of magazine with our diversity of content, including sports, music, fashion, technology, food and lifestyle."

Hip Hop Weekly is on newsstands now.

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