Eminem falls for a tiny Chihuahua

 Eminem has revealed his soft side - by falling for a tiny Chihuahua. The foul-mouthed rapper reportedly bought the three-month-old puppy - who he has named Smoky - last week, and already loves playing with him and walking him. A source has revealed the rapper, real name Marshal Mathers, is smitten with his miniature pet.

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The insider told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Marshall has been having
great fun with his puppy and loves taking him for walks.
"Now he can't remember what life was like before he got the pooch."
Last month the hip-hop star launched a multi-million dollar lawsuit to stop
mobile phone companies using his songs as ringtones.

Lawyers representing the controversial rapper filed writs in a Detroit court
against five firms to prevent them earning money from his music without
As well as ringtones, Eminem is also planning to sue karaoke firms who
reproduce any of his back catalogue - which includes the worldwide hits
'Stan', 'Just Lose It' and 'Mosh' - without permission and without paying
him royalties
His spokesman said: "This is a big business. We're talking hundreds of
thousands of dollars a year here."

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