Women Sue Jim Jones For Featuring Them Topless In Rap Video

Two women have sued rapper Jim Jones over the video to his song "Summer Time," which they claim featured their image and likeness without the proper permission.

According to The New York Daily News, the lawsuit, which was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court by two women from Houston, alleges that Jim Jones violated their civil rights when he used footage of them topless in the video, which as garnered over 30,000 clips on YouTube.com.

The two women, Samantha Stotts and Sharie Johnson, claim they never thought they would end up in a rap video when they went topless on South Beach, where nudity is legal.

"It was supposed to be fun and natural," Stotts said their decision to go topless on the beach. "But then you have someone who turns it into a rap video, which is totally unacceptable."

The women claim the imagery in Jones' video, which includes strippers and money being tossed around, denigrates their images.

Their lawyer told The New York Daily News that Jim Jones should have received permission before using his clients' images in the video for "Summer Time."

"They're beautiful women and they knew they were being filmed," said the women's lawyer, Taso Pardalis. "At a minimum, [Jones] should have asked permission before putting up a video on the Internet of someone half-naked."

Sony Music Entertainment is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit.