Game Ordered To Fork Over $91,000 Over Jewelry Bill

Game is being ordered to fork over almost $100,000 to a company that claims the rap star is refusing to pay a hefty jewelry bill.

TMZ reports that Game, born Jayceon Taylor, was ordered to pay $91,000 to Lemmerman's, who filed the original lawsuit against Game last year.

The company claimed that Game ordered a $15,000 white gold chain with stones, a white gold bracelet for $17,500, 14k yellow gold chain with stones and a 14k yellow gold bracelet for $17,500.

Additionally, Lemmerman's claims the Compton native purchased two other gold bracelets that totaled $30,000.

Lemmerman's said that Game paid a large portion of the bill, but between the balance and the subsequent interest for late payments, the total outstanding judgement ballooned to $91,000.

In January of 2010, Game was ordered to pay $60,000 to his cousin Robert "Kirky" Kirkwood, who claimed Game assaulted him over a funeral bill, shortly after services for their cousin, who died after a six-year illness.

Game addressed the issue of lawsuits in an interview.

"I used to sleep in the back of a f**king car man, so I aint trippin, I was never even supposed to have any of this," Game said. "I'm just blessed. By the grace of god I've been able to have longevity. Haters, ni**as wanna see me fall and sue me, more power to you. I done did it all, I had Aston Martins, Lamborghini's, ni**a I got a Porsche outside right now. Benz's, houses, man."