Nyoil: '50 Cent Should Be Lynched'

 Hip-hop newcomer Nyoil has controversially called for the lynching of 50 Cent, claiming the reckless promotion of gun violence and drug use in his music is having a damaging effect on today's youth.

The Staten Island, New York, native is causing a stir in the rap community with the track 'Y'All Should Get Lynched', a song posted on his MySpace webpage which condemns the current climate of hip-hop and calls for all "fake-ass gangstas" to "get lynched." His beef with other rappers, including Jim Jones The Diplomats and Flavor Flav from Public Enemy, is that they are sending out irresponsible messages to youngsters who idolise their every move.

He says, "It makes me mad when I see kids who don't care for education, for whom mediocrity is all. "We have to take some of the responsibility: every song you hear tells you about this woman's a ho, or he's selling this drug, or I'm going to shoot you if you don't do that."

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