Drake Focuses On 'Take Care'; Says 'Thank Me Later' Was Rushed

Drake has announced he is pushing his R&B mixtape It's Never Enough back, to focus on his next Hip-Hop album Take Care.

The rapper took to his official blog to make the announcement, stating that his mind was "prepared" to make Take Care, which is the follow-up to his blockbuster major label debut, Thank Me Later.

"I have decided that I am going to push It's Never Enough and focus completely on delivering Take Care to you all," Drake wrote. "I feel like my mind is truly ready to make this next album NOW and I don't want that feeling to escape me."

According to Drake, he is recording Take Care in a room at the Dorchester in Toronto, Canada.

The rapper said he is taking his time recording Take Care, a luxury he didn't have as he recorded Thank Me Later.

"Thank Me Later was a rushed album, I didn't get to take the time that I wanted to on that record, I rushed a lot of the songs and sonically, I didn't get to sit with the record, it was like once it was done, it was like its done," Drake told the 1Xtra's DJ Semtex during an interview earlier this month.

"That's why my album is called Take Care, because I get to take my time this go around," Drake explained.