50 Cent Slings Rubbers, Disses Ludacris

Image50 Cent recently revealed to the New York Post that he has plans to release his own brand of condoms.

The Queens, NY rapper, who launched his G-Unit Book imprint via a book signing yesterday (January 4), hopes his condom venture will promote safe sex effectively and plans to donate a part of the proceeds to HIV awareness.

During Thursday's signing, 50 introduced a series of books which included The Ski Mask Way, Death Before Dishonor and Baby Brother.

The G-Unit honcho also has plans to make all the books into films. A screenplay for The Ski Mask Way has already been written and the movie will be shot in the summer.

"The novels are the harsh realities in certain situations," 50 explained toThe Post. "And the actual honest content in the music and the books are a spin-off of that reality. That's what hip-hop about them is. In The Ski Mask Way particularly, there's a character named Seven that's based on me. And there's a portion where he's incarcerated and has to make decisions about his life and how things spin out of control. I've been in a similar space, but I was able to hold on and not spin out of control."

50 also divulged that he is writing a book titled 50 Laws of Power with author Robert Greene. The book will be an urban take of Greene's 48 Laws of Power.

In related news, 50 recently appeared on Howard Stern's Sirius Satellite Radio Show and blasted Ludacris for not defending himself when he appeared on Oprah Winfrey's talk show.

"What's her name? Ludacris, he spent his time on the show in a fetal position," 50 scoffed.

50 has been taking shots at Winfrey for criticizing hip-hop artists and not inviting them to her show. In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, he accused Winfrey of "being black on the outside, but white on the inside," because she only deals with issues affecting middle aged white American women.

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