Snoop Cooks For Superbowl; Prepares 9th Annual 'Snoop Bowl'

Many Hip-Hop fans know that West coast rapper Snoop Dogg is well known for being an avid football fan, but he is also a die hard fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So, this year in preparation for the big game, Snoop has teamed up with Pepsi and the NFL for a series of commercials to promote Pepsi Max and the Super Bowl.

One component to the campaign is a humorous commercial called “Cooking with Snoop”. In the episode Pepsi Max and Snoop team up for cooking show that reveals that rapper's favorite foods for during the game, that can be best washed down with Pepsi Max.

Snoop even breaks down his seven layer dip, but puts a little twist on the game time favorite adding his favorite ingredient, “oregano” to the dip, making it an 8 layer dip.

While the rapper is focused on making sure he promotes Pepsi and the Super Bowl, Snoop has also taken the time to team up with Deion Sanders to present Snoop Bowl IX.

Every year the Snoop Dogg All-Stars travel to the host city of the Super bowl to play that city's youth all-star team.

This year the Snoop Dogg All-stars will compete against Deion Sanders' National Champion TRUTH Select Football team.

“I am so happy to have been doing this event for nine years straight and am excited to be coaching this year against Deion Sanders, a football great who I grew up watching," Snoop said in a statement. "Through our mutual love for football and giving back to the youth, we have come together.  The fact that we both have our own youth football leagues is a blessing; but he better watch himself on the field because my team is killing his!”

In addition to the marquee matchup there will be six other games played during the day, with teams from Fort Worth, Brownsville, Texas, St Louis, NW Arkansas, Oklahoma City, and Memphis.

“We still believe the children are the future. I thank God there is a man who shares the same love, passion and focus for tomorrow’s leaders as I do. Some call him Snoop Dogg, I call him a friend.”

For more information on the game and Deion Sanders Prime Time Association and TRUTH Youth Football, visit