Ja Rule Dons Santa Hat For Queens Kids

ImageJa Rule played Santa Claus when he brought loads of toys and games to school kids in Jamaica, Queens yesterday (December 28).

Rule (born Jeffrey Atkins) paid a visit to students at the Amistad Early Childhood Education Center. The kids apparently didn't mind Rule being three days late.

"It was wonderful," second-grader Clyde Quallis, 7, told New York's Daily News. "I'm so glad Ja Rule came to Amistad. I thank him very much for the present."

Ja donated the toys on behalf of his LIFE Camp Inc. foundation, an organization he co-founded to provide academic and social assistance to at-risk kids. Once the toys were distributed, Rule posed for flicks with the kids, signed autographs on poems the kids wrote for the visit. Fellow Queens native Salt of Salt 'N Pepa, joined Ja during his Santa stint.

"He does a lot of positive things, and people don't know that," Salt told the News.

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