Jacki-O Takes Shot At Lil Kim On New Track 'Bang Bang'

Lil Kim has a new beef to worry about, as Miami rapper Jacki-O has released a track titled "Bang, Bang" which takes several shots clearly aimed at Lil Kim.


Tonight (Janury 17th), Jacki-O dropped "Bang, Bang," which is coincidentally the name of a controversial track by Capone-N-Noreaga that featured Foxy Brown dissing Lil Kim.

The song is a reply to Lil Kim's new alias "Kimmy Blanco" on her new track "Clap, Clap" featuring I.R.S.

CNN's version of "Bang, Bang" led to an infamous shootout in February of 2001 in front of Hot 97, which resulted in Lil Kim spending a year in a federal prison for lying to a grand jury about her knowledge of the incident.

Jacki-O's gripe with Lil Kim stems from the Brooklyn rapper's recent adoption of the name "Cocaine Cowgirl," a nod taken from the image of infamous Columbian drug kingpin Griselda "The Black Widow" Blanco, who was the subject of the cult-classic documentary, "Cocaine Cowboys."

Jacki-O received an official blessing from Michael Corleone Blanco, the real-life son of Griselda Blanco.

Although she doesn't call Lil Kim out by name, on Jacki-O's version of "Bang, Bang" she raps:

"Man this b**ch just Jacki-jackin, she improvise more than an italian actor" and "b**ches bout as real as they facial features/making desperate moves is a sign of weakness."

Jacki-O takes several other clear shots at Lil Kim.

Download the song here