Rappers React To Gucci Mane's New Ice Cream Cone Face Tattoo

A variety of rappers have reacted to a recent picture of Gucci Mane's new tattoo he recently had completed on the side of his face.


Gucci, 30, shocked people when he emerged from a tattoo parlor with a snow cone with three scoops on the right side of his face, with the words "burr" intertwined around several red lighting bolts.

The ice cream cone tattoo was completed by Tenth Street artist Shane Willoughby.

Gucci, who was allegedly released from a psychiatric ward after pleading mental incompetency for violating his parole during an altercation in Atlanta in November of 2010.

"Gucci Mane's facial tattoo of an ice cream cone causes my finger to inch closer to the delete button in Serato. He must've been #wasted," legendary BDP member D-Nice tweeted today (January 14th).

Talib Kweli joked that he was also on his way to get some distinguishable ink done.

In a Tweet to female rapper Jean Grae, Talib joked that he was on his way to the "tattoo parlor for my new face tattoo. I'm gonna get my face tattooed on my face!"

Oakland rapper Yukmouth created a new hash tag dedicated to Gucci Mane's new ink as well.

"#guccimaneicecreamconetattoo used to be on #MASTERp arm…he upgraded from shoulder [sic] to 2 face," Yuk tweeted.

Even The Outlawz official Twitter account had a comment about the massive ice cream cone Gucci had permanently tatted on his face.

"So Gucci gotta ice cream tattoo on his face so f**k it, Ima get air jordans tattooed on my feet so when I'm bare foot I still got Js [Jordans] on," The Outlawz tweeted.

New Jersey rapper Joe Budden stated that he was in the process of writing some Gucci Mane punch lines.

"I'm sure rappers are racing to get their Gucci Mane/cream on the face punchline, mine…I'm getting mines done asap," Joe Budden joked.