Method Man Lands On Big Screen This Weekend In 'The Heart Specialist'

Wu-Tang Clan rapper Method Man will get some shine on the big screen this weekend, when the comedy The Heart Specialist hits theater.

The movie, which stars actress Zoe Saldana, Terrance J., Leon, Wood Harris, May, Jasmine Guy, Brian J. WHite and others, was actually shot over four years ago, in 2006 by director Dennis Cooper.

The Heart Specialist is a "modern comedy" about the everyday perils of first year medical residents, in a rundown South Florida hospital.

Wood Harris stars as the chief resident, who is teaching trainees how to save lives, while not taking the stressful job too serious. All the while, Wood's character harbors a chilling secret of his own.

Method Man takes on the role of "Lorenzo" in The Heart Specialist, which opens nationwide this Friday (January 14th).

"Go see it," Method Man tweeted to his friends earlier today (January 13th).  "It might change your life."

Method Man will also be featured in Jamie Foxx's upcoming new TV horror show titled Night Tales.