Irv Gotti's Text Messages About Nas, Supreme and Jail Stabbing Unveiled, Murder Inc Trial Delayed Ag

 The money laundering trial of Irv and Chris Lorenzo "Gotti" has been postponed again today after the prosecution dropped two years of Murder Inc text messages on the defense. The prosecution plans to use the messages, which contain revealing discussions about the signing of Nas to Murder Inc and a jail stabbing, to further their argument that Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff controlled and financially backed Murder Inc.

The trial, originally slated to begin on Monday (November 14), will now begin on Tuesday (November 15). has obtained a 15-page document filed by the prosecution which highlights a series of e-mails, pages and text messages from and to Irv Gotti between 2001 and 2002. The pager conversations consists mainly of erratic discussions between the person "Irv" and two persons with the pager name "Murder Inc" and "SUPREME--THEBOSS" about meeting dates, rendezvous and company business.

In one pager message from June 29,2002, "Irv" discusses bringing Nas to the Murder Inc family. Two days later, breaks the news of Nas signing to Murder Inc.

"I was on the phone with Nas all morning," texts "Irv." "It's a done deal if we want it to be. He's ready to pledge his allegiance to Murder. Let's all think about it and decide if this is what we really want. Cause once we dive in, there's no turning back. But he is definitely ready to scream murda!"

The documents also reveal text messages apparently from Supreme to Irv which the prosecution may use to suggest Supreme's influence at Murder Inc. The messages come from the address "[email protected]" and contain the following motto in his signature "POWER BEGETS POWER AND CHANCE FAVORS THE PREPARED MIND!...SUPREME--THE BOSS."

In another revealing message from November 16, 2002, "SUPREME--THE BOSS" tells Irv about a jailhouse stabbing attack.
 "Just spoke to prince and he said tell you not to fuck with that nigga quasiem he be talking he started you out and you don't take care of him poping shit about b.j.and was helping a snitch against a real nigga so prince went to the hole and stabed him up and sent him out. it's not really important prince just wanted you to know he's a bitch and a sucka and not to give him props in articles."

This is the second time the case has been postponed. On October 25, the case was first postponed when the prosecution introduced new evidence in the case.

The trial will be the culmination of long-running investigation the federal government launched against the Murder Inc. honchos and Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff. The case has had its fair share of twists and turns.

Most recently, attorneys for McGriff filed documents claiming that his client was "indigent," meaning impoverished, and needed a court-appointed attorney.

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