Danger Mouse Forms Producer "Supergroup," Drops Compilation

 Producer Danger Mouse has formed a new group of renowned beat makers called The Underground Animals and is currently putting together a compilation album set for release next year via Downtown/Atlantic Records.

According to Downtown co-founder Josh Deutsch, who recently spoke to Billboard, The Underground Animals will be an animated collective in the same vein of the rock group Gorillaz, but their true identities will be kept under wraps.

The participating producers will be brought to life courtesy of animation from Adult Swim.

"We have some very celebrated producers and some up-and-comers, all of whom are arranged around Danger," Deutsch explained to Billboard. "Everybody is producing under a pseudonym. For the introductory album, the idea is that each song will feature a different producer working with a different artist, but 'there won't be a reveal as to which producer is doing a given track

"There will be an element of mystery about it -- certain producers will be retired," Deutsch continued. "And many of these people are some of the most famous producers out there. It will allow them to produce the kinds of records they wouldn't necessarily want to do without the benefit of a pseudonym. We've already had a really A-list rock guy wanting to do a hip-hop record."

"Ultimately this will turn into a brand where Underground Animals as a collective will produce an artist, and each different producer will produce one song by the same artist," Deutsch added.

"It fits in for us as a model in trying to find really compelling content and new ways to introduce it to an audience."

Danger Mouse is also putting together Gnarls Barkley's sophomore album with his group mate Cee-Lo. The duo's debut album, St Elsewhere, is up for multiple Grammy Awards, including album of the year.

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