Rapper Lil Wayne's Name Linked to Drugs in NJ

Rapper Lil Wayne cannot do any drugs or liquor as part of the terms of his three-year probation for drug and gun possession in Arizona, but that has not deterred drug dealers from naming deadly narcotics after him.

The superstar rapper's name was associated with a $250 thousand drug bust that yielded 500 bricks of heroin.

Newark Police offers found the bricks of the drug hidden in a side panel of an SUV with the bricks and the packets of the drug packaged for sale under the name "Lil Wayne."

A police dog was called in to search the SUV and the dog helped find a sophisticated special compartment shut by a latch with a special motor, custom designed to deal the drugs.

"The driver had no driver's license. We at that point we decided to call for a narcotics dog. conducted a sniff test and sure enough right away, on the exterior of the vehicle, he had a positive reaction. This might pose a danger to the distributor himself, depending on the level he's on. Whether he's a mid level or lower level or he's actually the main guy, somebody's losing money right now."