RapGodFathers Servers Seized By U.S. Authorities

Yesterday, Tuesday November 23, agents from the United States DHS/ICE showed up to RGF's data-center and seized our servers. During the whole existence of the website, we always honored any DMCA requests but apparently in US people are guilty before proven innocent.

This was done without a single warning or notice. We had to relocated to offshore hosting in order to bring RapGodFathers.com back online. The forum will remain closed until a better solution is found.

We could possibly lose our domain, so please bookmark our twitter and facebook accounts as well as an alternative domain noted bellow to get updates.




Join our chat room: http://tinychat.com/rapgodfathers

Enjoy RGF and stay tuned!

PS: Anyone who can help with offshore hosting please let us know.

UPDATE: TorrentFreak did an article about the raid, you can read it here.