50 Cent refused to use his stage name on the promotional posters for his new film

ImageThe rapper chose to be referred to by his real name, Curtis Jackson, for 'Home of the Brave' because he believes it gives him more credibility.

He said: "I think when people hear 50 Cent they directly associate it with the music and the aggressive content in the music. So I told them to use my real name and put 50 Cent in the middle." 50 - who plays an American soldier returning home from the Iraq war in the movie - insists his on-screen character is very different from his aggressive rap star image.

He added: "I think fans might be disappointed when they see my character and he doesn't have that same aggressive edge that they're familiar with from 50 Cent, the rapper." The hip-hop star made his movie debut in 2005, when he starred in the semi-autobiographical movie 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin'', which focused on an aspiring rapper trying to make it in music business.

He also appears alongside Nicolas Cage in boxing drama 'The Dance', which is due for release in 2008.

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