The Game Attempts To End His Beef With 50 Cent

ImageThe Game invited rap rival 50 Cent to help remix his hit It's Okay (One Blood) in an effort to end their length feud.

The California rapper reveals he called 50's manager Chris Lighty to ask his one-time mentor to collaborate with him in the studio, but the plan was a no-go.

The Game says, "I reached out to 50 to see if he was going to be a part of the remix. "Chris Lighty thought I was joking - 50, that's my archnemesis. He ended up saying no, which I expected, but I'm such a funny guy, I thought I'd do it anyway - just to say I did."

The Game, real name Jayceon Taylor, would like to see an end to rap's "beefs", but he won't play peacemaker. He says, "I'd really love for hip-hop to be unified again, where there was no beefing with anybody."

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