Armed Teenager Shot Dead By NYPD

 New York police shot and killed an armed teenager after chasing him into a building lobby last night (December 13).

According to the Associated Press, 19 year-old Timur Person was standing with a group of men on Walton Avenue in the Bronx around 8 p.m. when four officers in a marked vehicle approached them. While the others escaped, Person was chased into the lobby, where he tussled with the police before he was shot.

Hector Suarez, who witnessed the shooting, claims that he heard police tell Person to let go of his weapon, and Person responded, "I'm giving you the gun," prior to being shot.

Witnesses reported that at least one officer shot Person at close range.

"He stood over his head and he just looked down at him and he just shot four times, one, two, three, four," Suarez said.

Person, who had a loaded .38-caliber semiautomatic and an extra clip in his possession, was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Person's shooting marks the city's first fatal police shooting since officers killed Sean Bell on his wedding day last month in a barrage of 50 bullets.

Bell, 23, was leaving his bachelor party at a Queens topless bar on November 25 when five officers fired on his car, killing him and wounding two unarmed passengers.

Community leaders like Al Sharpton and New York bred rappers, including Papoose and Nas, have all expressed outrage at the shooting. The officers are currently on paid administrative leave as prosecutors weigh possible criminal charges against them.

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