Proof Lives On, New CD Set To Hit Shelves Next Year

 An album recorded by slain D12 member Proof is slated to be released next year on the Detroit based label Iron Fist Records.

According to Iron Fist president Cleveland Hurd, who recently spoke to The Detroit News, the album titled Time Will Tell, will feature eighteen tracks written and recorded by Proof during a 24-hour period in January 2006.

Hurd divulged that Proof was challenged by his friend, DJ Jewels Baby, to write and record an album in one day. The Iron Fist head also revealed he plans to premiere a film of the recording process at Detroit's Star Southfield on March 8 before releasing the album.

"The world was cheated," Hurd told The Detroit News. "They never got to see this side of [Proof]."

Time Will Tell was recorded at Jewels' home studio on Detroit's west side.

"It shows how serious Proof was about recording," explained Jewels, who claims they started recording at midnight and never slowed down. "As soon as he came in, he went to work, and he didn't stop until time was up."

Proof (born Deshaun Holton) was shot and killed by Mario Etheridge after getting into a heated exchange with his cousin, Keith Bender, at Detroit's Triple C's nightclub on April 11.

Etheridge was charged with two weapon related felonies and not the rapper's death.

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