Dame Dash Launches New Clothing Line and Social Networking Site, BlockSavvy.com

 Music fashion mogul Damon Dash plans to launch a new clothing line called CEO, which will reflect a cleaner and mature look.

"I'm an old school dude, not very trendy. So, if people are not dressed the way I'm dressed, I'm going to make clothes that reflect that," Dash said. "I've always been an oak, and I say that to say that the same thing that I'm wearing now, I could have been wearing in '85 and '95."

Dash, who is the former co-owner of Roc-A-Fella Records, explained that the CEO line will lean towards a higher-end price point.

"I thought it would be interesting to have someone from the urban marketplace to attack fashion from that aspect - not regular fashion, but couture. I've learned a lot about fashion, not just urban fashion," Dash said. "It's a different work ethic."

Dash and his wife, designer Rachel Roy, share a plush office space in Manhattan, and the 35-year-old Harlem native said that he's learned much from his better half.

"She works hard. [I've learned a lot] just by seeing how she does what she does," he continued. "So [those] ideals from real fashion come into everything that I do."

In addition to his CEO clothing line, Dash stated that he will also launch a clothing component to his successful PRO-Keds sneaker line.

The colors of the line will coordinate with the hue of the kicks. "If I don't set the trend...I'm just not a follower. Its just not me," Dash said.

One trend Dash does see worth following is the online craze of social networking. BlockSavvy.com is a new initiative Dash has undertaken with Kwame DeCuir and Kareem "Biggs" Burke.

"This is our version of a Myspace, but I don't want to say urban Myspace, but its like a social networking system," Dash revealed. "It's got a lot of interactive components and the technology is off the hook," he said of the site, which even offers a "virtual economy."

The invite-only social site allows users with a fashion acumen and stylistic point of view to customize their virtual room with name brands and customized items.

Each user is given a profile and the ability to live in a certain "block," consisting of The Ave, The Fashion District and Main Street.

These profiles are already user friendly to other sites like Myspace and blogs. Celebrity profiles include Paul Wall, Naomi Campbell, boxer Winky Wright, Jim Jones and even Biggs, who is known to shun the limelight.

For more information, go to BlockSavvy.com.

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