Drake Explains Need For Security; Preps 'It's Never Enough' R&B Mixtape

Hip-Hop star Drake commented on the pressures of success during a recent interview with Katie Couric last night (October 5th) on CBS.

The rap star touched on a number of topics, including his future plans, his rise to success, his acting career and how he handles being a world-famous entertainer.

"I must say that It is all surreal to me on a daily basis," stated Drake, who reminisced of the days before he topped the charts and became a household name.

"I remember it like yesterday that i used to drive by myself in my Acura and was able to go anywhere, to the mall by myself," Drake continued. "The way you end up missing anonymity is very interesting."

Drake revealed that his success has forced him to beef up security.

In recent weeks, a member of the rapper's entourage was accused of striking a man named Jeremis Soriano, who claimed he was assaulted and injured by a body guard for Drake after a concert.

Drake addressed the issue of security during the interview, stating that is was a necessary evil and a precaution for his own safety.

"The weirdest part is always having to have security," Drake explained. "Sometimes I just want to hop in a cab, or walk up the street and get an iced tea or something by myself. Then it comes a time where you do it and sometimes you realize why you shouldn't [try to go alone] whether, it be [being] bombarded with pictures, or where its more negative. I've had situations have to be me where things have happened. People have tried to get at me in ways where its a little scary. And you realize you do need that security around you."

Drake is currently putting the finishing touches on It's Never Enough, his upcoming R&B mixtape.