Foxy Brown Accused of Violating Probation, Asks For "Special Treatment"

 After already having to appear in court several times this year, Foxy Brown was called before a judge yesterday (December 11) for possibly violating her probation.

Foxy (born Inga Merchand) was summoned into court unexpectedly after being accused of violating probation as a result of an altercation she had in a nail salon two years ago. The Brooklyn-born MC appeared in the same Manhattan Criminal Court building that she did when she was sentenced to three years probation this past October. The rapper was accused of failing to keep appointments with probation officers, attend mandatory anger management classes and submit to drug testing.

Brown was sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault charges in August after kicking one employee and smacking another in the face on August 29, 2004, in an argument over payment for a manicure at Bloomie Nails in New York City.

The rapper was accused of "flouting the court ordered conditions of her probation," according to Shawnda Weinberg, a lawyer for the city Department of Probation. "She asked for special treatment. She told us, 'I'm not like them [others on probation].'"

Brown commented on the request for special treatment by saying, "My safety was in jeopardy. I didn't think they were going to throw me in with the wolves." Weinberg also suggested to Judge Melissa C. Brown that the rapper spend some time behind bars. Brown was warned by a judge back in October to comply with the terms of her probation or face jail time.

Having been silenced by Judge Brown and ordered not to speak until her next hearing when her lawyer would be present, Fox Boogie saved her comments for outside of the courtroom. "I have never violated probation," she said. "This is happening to me because I'm Foxy Brown." Claiming to have submitted to drug tests, Brown said "...they came back clean, negative, perfect."

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