Busta Rhymes, Leaders of the New School Sued Over 1991 Track (Docs)

Busta Rhymes and members of his former group Leaders of the New School have been hit with a lawsuit stemming from a sample used on the song "Case of the P.T.A."

The song, which taken from the L.O.N.S' debut album Future Without A Past, was a hit for the group in 1991.

In a lawsuit filed on September 2nd in U.S. District Court for Central California, plaintiffs Drive-In Music Company accused Busta, Charlie Brown, Dinco D., Milo and Elektra Records of copyright infringement.

The lawsuit stems over the use of the "Let A Woman Be A Woman, Let A Man Be A Man," by Dyke And The Blazers.

According to Drive-In, they never realized "Case of the P.T.A." contained a sampled portion of the song.

Additionally, Drive-In claims that A Future Without A Past is still presently being sold in digital formats, with the illegal sample in question.

Drive-In is suing for damages that will be determined by a jury.

The company also seeks a permanent injunction to halt sales of the classic Hip-Hop album, in addition to impounding any existing copies.