R. Kelly Sues Jay-Z Yet Again

ImageR. Kelly and Jay-Z are at it again.

Their feud dates back to when the two toured together last year. R. Kelly sued Jay-Z for $75 million, claiming Hova intentionally tried to sabotage the lighting during his set.

He also included that Jay-Z tried to remove him from the tour with threats and violence.

These acts of violence included R. Kelly getting attacked at Madison Square Garden by Jay-Z's friend Tyran "Ty Ty" Smith, when Smith allegedly sprayed him in the face with pepper spray. Jay-Z was on stage at the time and had no comment on the incident.

Jay-Z slapped a countersuit, saying it was "R. Kelly's financial woes, insecurities, and unsafe and unpredictable behavior" that had him removed from the Best of Both Worlds tour.

This second suit from R. Kelly is just going over the details from the original suit. It also includes a suit against Tyran Smith over the pepper spray assault.

"Jay-Z failed to use any reasonable care in supervising Smith and failed to correct Smith's violent acts by taking the actions of a responsible employer - disavowing Smith's act, firing him and allowing R. Kelly to continue on the tour," according to the suit, reports woai.com.

R. Kelly’s lawyers want to make sure that they don’t miss a thing the second time around, while Jay-Z's countersuit was dismissed.

"It was done for legal reasons, to make sure that we had protected our right to bring a couple of claims that, theoretically, someone could have said weren't properly brought in the first case," he explained. "We think they were actually properly brought in the first case, we just did it to cross the T's and dot the I's," reports MTV.

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