Papoose Fires "50 Shots" Back At NY Cops, Nas Offers Financial Support To Victim's Family

ImagePapoose recently released "50 Shots," a response to the five officers who recently gunned down 23-year-old Sean Bell on his wedding day.

Five NYPD police officers were put on administrative leave (November 26) after firing 50 shots at Bell and his friends, 31-year-old Joseph Guzman and 23-year-old Trent Benefield. Bell was fatally struck while Guzman and Benefield remain hospitalized. One officer, Mike Oliver, fired his gun 31 times, reloading after running out of ammunition.

Papoose addresses it all in "50 Shots." DJ Kay Slay premiered the song during "The Drama Hour," his radio show. Using a sped up sample of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come," the song not only details the recent New York scandal but also revisits a history of cops shooting blacks including Amadou Diallo and Kathryn Johnston, an 88-year-old grandmother killed by Atlanta cops last week.

Serving as Pap's own probe, "50 Shots" offers harsh criticism for Officer Oliver: "Mike Oliver said his gun jammed, he the main one/12-year veteran and don't know how to use a dumb/think we're dumb/if your clips was loaded to the top/and your gun jammed, how you fired 31 shots/said you shot at the man cause you thought he was strapped/but you killed a man cause you thought he was shooting back."

The song ends with a barrage of 50 shots being fired over the instrumental.

"The reason why I did that, more or less I just wanted people to hear what it sounds like to have that many shots fired at a person that doesn't even have a pistol," Pap told during an interview. "The only intent was to kill. What else could you be trying to do?"

In related news, witnesses of the shooting spoke with the District Attorney today (December 4). While cops claim they heard Guzman tell Bell and Benefield to go get his gun, witnesses told the DA the only mention of a gun they heard was from a man that was arguing with Bell outside of the club.

"This confrontation of words was witnessed by the undercover officers who then allowed that individual who had his hand in his pocket as if he had a gun to drive off in his car unimpeded by these undercover police officers," Charlie King, attorney to 11 witnesses, told the news cameras.

Download: Papoose - Change Gon' Come (50 Shots) 

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