Dr. Dre's 'Turn Me On' Leaks To The Web

Yet another unfinished track from Dr. Dre has hit the Web. This time, it's the pulsating "Turn Me On," a possible number for the producer's long-delayed Detox album.

"Seven stars must be my aura/ I mastered levitation, I stay up in the clouds," Dre raps on the track, which clocks in at barely two minutes. "Penthouse, hovering a hundred floors up/ I'm on some tantric yoga/ The ladies love the way I shine, I'm like Merlin when I'm erotic/ I make ya squirm no hands on ya body."

"Turn Me On" follows the West Coast producer's Jay-Z collaboration, "Under Pressure," which leaked online to mixed reactions earlier this summer.

In June, just weeks after the Jay-Z single leaked, Dre spoke about the track on the red carpet of the ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Music Awards. The doctor, who has a reputation for being a perfectionist, wasn't satisfied by any means.

"The vocals are real rough, it's not blended right ... a hook is not even on the song," he said, explaining that didn't get a chance to finish the number before listeners got a sample. The song still needed a chorus and had to be mixed and mastered properly, he said. "It's not done. The music isn't done."

In the current issue of Vibe magazine, Dre opened up for the first time about Detox's delays. He said the work time on the project hasn't varied from his past efforts. It was his work signing and producing new talent, like 50 Cent, that has set his own project back.

"Absolutely not," Dre told the magazine when asked if he expected the album to take so long. "I thought it would take, at worst case, a couple of years. For example, actual work time on The Chronic was nine months, and actual work time on my last album, 2001, was about 10 months. The actual work time on this album is about half of that, where I'm seriously focusing on it. There is always something coming up."

Download "Turn Me On" here.